New iPhone 4G LTE device will be on Verizon

We don’t have that much longer to wait now for the all important very much talked about Apple WWDC and of course what everyone is expecting the launch of the Apple iPhone 4G.

Another interesting rumour though is in relation to which network the device will be on. An article over at tomsguide.com gives us some more information. Of course the very hot topic is the next iteration of Apples Smartphone otherwise known as the iPhone 4G, fourth generation.

Recent reports are suggesting that the iPhone 4G may be a 4G LTE device, several tips and information have been passed to Engadget.com about this years iPhone launching as Verizon’s first 4G Smartphone.

Apparently specific information from both Verizon employees and tipsters who’s companies are supposedly under NDA with Verizon to test enterprise deployments of the handset later on this year, it has also been stated that this wont be an LTE exclusive more like just being included as part of a publicity stunt.

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