Nexus One Running Quake III Video Demo

For all you mobile gaming fans out there we have a little treat for you in the form of Quake III running on the Nexus One superphone, now most have seen Quake III running on the Motorola Droid with its QWERTY keyboard but the Nexus One doesn’t have a physical keyboard.

The video although not that great a quality comes courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo by way of crunch gear, and shows that the gaming quality of Quake III on the Nexus One looks to be reasonably strong at medium to high graphics.

As the Nexus One doesn’t pack a physical keyboard it utilises the trackball a the mouse and its increase and decrease volume buttons act as commands for forward and jump.

Anyway best way to find out is for you mobile gamers to head on down to the video below which lasts just over three and a half minutes of Quake III goodness, mash play and enjoy.

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