BlackBerry Pearl 3G Gains Approval from FCC

The guys over at engadget have done their usual snooping of the FCC files and have come acroos the FCC approval for both flavours of the upcoming Research In Motion BlackBerry Pearl 3G with old RIM filing both 14 key and 24 key variations with the same filing to save time.

Both versions of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G operate on WCDMA bands II and V, so it looks like the smartphone is destined for the Big Blue in the States and Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada although Telus and Rigers have stated they will offer the 20 key version.

AT&T and Bell though have remained silent over the BlackBerry Pearl 3G, although apparently Research In Motion has said it will get a May release date, so release shouldn’t be that far away, and no doubt we’ll get more details on the handset around that time.

Other than that there’s little else to be said, so we’ll keep our eyes open for any news on an official release date hitting the net and then past it on.

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