iPhone OS 4.0 Hands-on Video

Well if you want to know about Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iPhone OS 4.0 what better way than sitting back and watching a video hands-on with iPhone OS 4.0 which is exactly what we have for your viewing pleasure today.

Yes folks Noah from phone dog gets to grips with the new iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 and gives it some hands-on treatment for us all to enjoy in this just over nine and a half minute video, which is a part one video so we can expect more to follow.

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 was released to developers earlier and then pulled without any explanation from Apple but rumour had it the reason was issues with over heating with the flash memory, but it’s back online now and Noah takes us though this new release with features and whatnot. By the way, apparently iPhone OS 4.0 may be hacked onto the iPhone 2G which you can read all about (here)

I won’t go on because if I do then there’s no point in watching the video which I know you want to do, so I’ll stop there and let you hit up that iPhone OS 4.0 hands-on video below and enjoy.

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