Nexus One No Longer Coming to Sprint Now

A while ago we reported that the Nexus One superphone would not be released by Verizon Wireless, you can read about that (here) well it appears that not many US carriers will be offering the Google Nexus One as according to an article over on phone scoop, the Nexus One isn’t coming to Sprint either.

All trace of the Sprint CDMA version of the Nexus One has now been removed from the Google Nexus One website and apparently Michelle Leff, a spokesperson for Sprint emailed phone scoop saying…”We are not bringing in Nexus One as EVO 4G is more robust in 3G markets and amazing in the growing number of 4G areas.”

So much like with Verizon releasing the HTC Droid Incredible, because Sprint is releasing the HTC EVO 4G the Nexus One will not be put head to head in a battle for customers it would seem.

This doesn’t speak well for the Nexus One in my view as Google cutting it off from the top US carriers can only damage sales, and at the moment the device is still available to T-Mobile and AT&T, but if they opt to bring out another smartphone will Google stop them from offering the Nexus One too?

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