Verizon Nexus One Gone But Sprint Nexus One Still Coming

A few days ago we posted that the Verizon Nexus One smartphone was not going to become a reality, and you can view that post (here), however according to an article over on pocket now via laptopmag, Google and Sprint are still working on bringing the Nexus One to the Sprint network.

Unfortunately just when Sprint may offer the Nexus One neither are saying, and the fact that Sprint is still going to offer the Nexus One is a tad puzzling considering Google cancelled the Verizon Nexus One due to Verizon having the HTC Droid Incredible which offers better specifications so would be in direct competition.

Yet the Sprint Nexus One is still a go even though Sprint has already announced the Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone, which against is of higher specification than the Nexus One, and may cost the same as the HTC Droid Incredible; so why doesn’t the same reasoning with Verizon apply with Sprint?

One can only guess that Google doesn’t see the HTC EVO 4G as a threat to the Nexus One because the HTC EVO 4G will run on the WiMAX network.

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