iPhone OS 4.0 May Be Coming to Original iPhone 2G?

When you think back on the original iPhone 2G smartphone one wouldn’t immediately associate it with the latest iPhone operating system, mainly because the iPhone OS and handsets has moved on considerably since the first iPhone.

However apparently that isn’t about to stop a group if hackers from trying to deliver iPhone OS 4.0 to the original iPhone 2G handset of 2007 reports an article over on redmondpie, who gained this interesting bit of info from the guys over at ihelplounge.

As you are probably aware the original iPhone gained free firmware upgrades up to iPhone OS 3.1.3 after which Apple decided to halt further upgrade support so no iPhone OS 4.0 for the original iPhone.

But over at fittingstorm they are rewriting the iPhone OS 4.0 beta to deliver custom software which can run on iPhone 2G handsets. Apparently they have studied the architecture of previously released Apple firmware and looking to see how it differs with the iPhone 3G.

So there it is, maybe original iPhone 2G users have a ray of hope to cling onto if this isn’t a fake, and maybe we will see iPhone OS 4.0 hit the iPhone 2G sometime in the future, you can view a video of iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 in action (here) and we’ll keep you posted on any outcome.

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