Google Maps update for Android now has Bike directions plus more

For any of you guys out there running Android 1.6 or above as we have some good new for you thanks to a recent article over at mobilecrunch.com

It is a fantastic update for Google Maps, which includes some very nice new toys for you to get around. The new goods for you now include Bicycle directions now although pedal cycles can pretty much go where cars can some routes are not ideal.

The new Google maps is a lot more bike friendly all you need to do is tap the bicycle icon and then directions are optimised for you and your two wheeled friend. There is now also location sharing so you can send your location to any other point on the map to email, SMS or even third party applications.

And if that’s not enough you’ll also have Google Navigation Shortcut, which is great as up until now the navigation feature has always been tucked deeply away, not now, as there is an optional home screen navigation shortcut.

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