The Conservative Party General Election App: David Cameron Prime Minister

How did you hear about Gordon Brown resigning and David Cameron becoming Prime Minister, please let us know if you found out via a smartphone app just like “The Conservative Party General Election App” or anything similar.

Cameron has accepted the Queens invitation to be the new British Prime Minister, which means Labour, is out. The General Election is now over and we would love to know if you used the app mentioned above for news updates.

The main features of the iPhone app included: Constantly updated policy information, The latest Conservative Party news, Tiltable ‘Swingometer’, Links to all our social networking profiles and A “Call A Friend” feature to help you canvass your iPhone contacts.

So please do let us know if you simply watched the TV or you used your mobile phone to search the news or indeed if you used an app. Thanks, why your at it please let us know what you think of David Cameron from the Conservative Party being the new PM.

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