BlackBerry 8520 Review and Problems: Consumers Opinions

The Research In Motion BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone has been around for quite some time and will soon hit T-Mobile in a feminine fuchsia red colour and is a smartphone in the BlackBerry range that’s worth some consideration.

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 offers the user a fairly good line-up of specifications such as a 2.46 inch TFT display, a Full QWERTY keyboard, the touch sensitive optical trackpad, dedicated music keys, a 2 megapixel camera, runs BlackBerry OS, microSD expansion up to 32GB, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and a 3.5mm jack.

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 also sports a 512MHz processor, and measures 109 x 60 x 13.9mm with a weight of 106 grams with an HTML browser, MMS, SMS email and IM messaging, although does lack 3G and GPS capabilities.

We’d like to ask any of our readers who use a BlackBerry Curve 8520 to send in their personal reviews and options of the smartphone along with any problems they may have faced or are currently facing and are welcome to post those in our comments section which can be found below.


38 thoughts on “BlackBerry 8520 Review and Problems: Consumers Opinions”

  1. i am a blackberry 8520 user been having problems with it. i have only had it a couple of months was working great until a couple of days ago when it kept turning itself off whilst in use and it was not until this morning i took the battery out to see if there was anything wrong because it wouldn't turn on its just a red light flashing and when i took the battery out it looked as so the battery was leaking please reply as soon as it has important things on there.

  2. tom howarth says:

    Had a BB 8520 a couple of months, all of a sudden the keypad has took a life of its own, it is almost continually bleeping and trying to input a new contact or something, typing letters (mostly i's and y's)
    Please help !!

    1. sam says:

      i have a password on mine, and i cant get past the 'enter password' screen, as it seems to have a mind of its own and types lots of characters. Have you found a solution to this problem? and if you have could you please share it with me ?

  3. dajuan says:

    (On blackberry 8520) I came from a world where sidekicks were the best phones possible. A month a go my dad bought me a bb 8520….. Love it! Its soooo much more advanced then a sidekick and has a sleek and sexy design! I’m only 14 and although most bbs are business devices this one is actually more geared towards the fun loving crowd who just want a cool fancey looking phone

  4. matthew says:

    I bought the 8520 a week ago after giving my iPhone 3g to my girlfriend. I thought it would be good for emails and typing things faster than on an iPhone but I was wrong. The keys are too close together on the qwerty keypad. Every time I'm trying to email or text it turns into a fiasco. Hate this phone. Good battery life though. 2/10

  5. lynn says:

    Had this phone now 4months and i love it, so easy to use and has everything and more that i would use. Just 1 problem, i can send fies ect using bluetooth to other make of phones but can not recieve them via bluetooth, doesnt put me off the phone but would be nice if i could find solution

  6. Stuart Gall says:

    my daughter has an 8520 and the last couple of weeks it has been playing up.to start with it would freeze when she was reading or typing a sms, then it would stop her from inputing any letters into any texts she was trying to write( ould only allow the alternate symbols to be used) and even with pressing the alt button it wont change back, two days ago it wouldnt let her start her phone through demanding the PUK code,after a couple of days of phone been switched off it allows us access in and now not asking for PUK code and has went back to the previous problem to do with the typing of characters. The asking for the PUK code was not through typing the PIN in wrong, this happened midway through using the phone. phone is under a year old and nothing but stress,please help as cant afford tp get her new phone not with the price her bberry was, thanks

  7. sukie says:

    i have a blackberry curve and a week after i started using it the zoom on the camera stopped working and i have had it about five months and my internet still won't work it seem to me that these phones are unreliable and break soon after being bought i have had to use the alarm on my ipod for the past 3 weeks as the alarm no longer works. i bought this phone thinking it would be easy to use and useful for college and i now have to get a new phone. if anyone is thinking of buying a blackberry curve 8520 it is not a reliable phone and i would advise you to look at other brands. hope this comment was helpful

    1. Gary says:

      You are right. My wife and I are on our secound Blackberry Curves and all of them have not worked as advertised. The problems are common to all Cell Phone Services. We are convinced Blackberry just tried to do to much too soon. Since we are stuck with a two year contract we are going to just have to live through all the software revesions untill the issues are fixed.

  8. david says:

    i've had my bb 8520 curve for virtually a year to the day,the zoom stopped working a while ago,but now i've had the dreaded white screen with a little square in the middle with spinning hands,that goes on forever,then the phone turns off and pretty much dies!! took battery out several times and makes no difference..can you reset these phones?

  9. Liam G says:

    Had mine a year now, the trackpad decides when it wants to work or not, the o key randomly decides not to work, as does the t key, the trackpad inverts itself and controls itself sometimes, OH and it freezes a hell of a lot so no keys work at all. Avoid this phone at all costs, it is USELESS AFTER A YEAR.

  10. Jacquit says:

    have a bb curve, it will not pair with galaxy s or lg, it is useless, don't think zoom on camera worked from day 1 as i can't find it at all, why don't they sort it out,

  11. amieelee says:

    i have a white bb 8520, it was fine for the first month and then it wouldnt turn on so i got it repaired and now it has lines going accross the screen and no longer vibrates! dont buy the white one everyone i know has problems with it. anyone else with the same problem? if so what did you do and can it be repaired?.

  12. Yogi says:

    The zoom does not work for me randomly. I tried to do hard reset, but even that does not always work. All other features are great. Good browser also.

  13. vignan says:

    i have an bb850 15 days backs…my phone is getting heated up for no reason..and even the battery is geeting finished for half day only..can any1 temme the reason…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  14. Katie R says:

    I have had BB Curve 8530 for a year know and I have started to have problems.
    1 – when i restart the phone it takes about half hour to load and takes me 5/6 times to remove battery for it to load.
    2 – when i updated the facebook app to the one where you can do places and i can not use that feature
    3 – the battery life is very poor and it never lasts a day especially when i'm out for the day and replying back to emails.
    Do not get me wrong I do like blackberry's but with the problems I have had with this one it has put me off upgrading to another blackberry at the end of this year.

  15. Anonymous says:

    i have had a bb curve 8520 for 3 months only. i have been really careful with it and i haven’t got it wet or dropped it or anything, but the screen has gone all funny and it has lines across it and you can’t see anything properly

  16. Maxilouise says:

    when is these problems going to get sorted? its been two days now i cant get my yahoo messenger, or bbms an i pay for these services…. i cant contact my family or friends its really annoying… why am i paying for something that im not able to use?

  17. merian says:

    I have bb8520 and it has a problem of geting internet network. there  are places where i get full GPRS and there are places i get GSM . and this problem has started over recently

  18. Katie14sapsford says:

    i got my bb 8 months ago and mines had to go to be fixed as the bit where u put the charger in has come out and my network have said they if they cant repair it they wont exchange it but surely if its under the 1 year warrenty they should replace it ive only had the damm phone for 8 months other than that its the best phone i ever had

  19. christine says:

    RIM sucks them and rogers just keep sending you back and forth and no one will take responsibly for a messed up phone. I was a faithful blackberry user but with 2 blackberries screwed up just days after the 1 year warranty runs out I am ticked  . Where is the customer service from RIM???????????? they sell you a dud and don’t give a rip.

  20. Grace Simpson says:

    I have had my BB 8520 for 11 months but when I use the camera there is a white line across the screen and this is shown in the photos.  This is a new problem. Please advise.

  21. Becky says:

    My blackberry 8520 has crashed, it has turned off completely, it fully loads up, and then crashes again, I don’t get a chance to even go on it. My broadband is virgin media, so when it is fully loaded it says virgin media, then it turns black and tries to reload again, can anybody help me, I have had this phone before and a similar problem occurred, so they sent me the one I have now, it is refurbished and broken, once again!! Any help would be very much apprec

  22. Dave says:

    Me and my son both have the 8520 and both have separate problems, he can’t add contacts and I can’t change my ringtone, won’t have another blackberry again, CRAP!

  23. john says:

    i have my blackberry 8520 2 years more even and i had no trouble what so ever i bough a new battery for it every year and its all good very good bye great features and bbm is very handy dont know why u guys are gettin so much trouble

  24. Dylan D says:

    Had to buy a new battery because my other one went fat, when i put the new battery in it doesn’t work unless i put it on charge and then it only works for 10 seconds and goes off. i left it on charge all night and it kept doing it, does anybody know what the hell is going on ?

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