iPhone 4 free on 02 £60 monthly contract

02 have now announced on their website tariff page that the latest Smartphone from Apple the iPhone 4 is available for £60 per month for the 16GB version.

A recent article by Carrie – Ann Skinner over at pcadvisor.co.uk confirms that the 16GB Apple iPhone 4 is free on 02 providing you are willing to sign up for the two year contract or for £65 per month which you are tied to for 18 months.

Looking for something cheaper then there is the option of taking out a £25 per month contract which includes 100 minutes of calls and also unlimited text messages again with 02 you would need to part with an additional £179 for the handset itself.

Not big enough for you then of course there is the option of the 32GB version where you can expect to pay between £29 on the £60 and £65 package and £279 for the £25 per month option. The cheapest offering for the iPhone 4 is free on Orange if you take out a two year £75 per month contract.