iPhone 4 Pre-orders, 600,000 in One Day, And Ship Date Moves

Well it appears that Apple has now come forward after all the pre-order issues and apologised for all the problems people faced when trying to get their pre-order in for the new iPhone 4 and have stated that the reason is their site was inundated with requests.

According to a Nilay Patel article over on Engadget, on that first pre-order day and despite all the issues, Apple managed to shift 600,000 iPhone 4 units, which according to AT&T is 10 times as many orders as they took for the iPhone 3GS.

AT&T has now suspended pre-orders, presumably while they sort out that security issue, but it could be that they had problems coping with order volume as it served up an incredible 13 million eligibility checks on iPhone 4 pre-order day, which smashed previous records by three times.

Apple also issued an apology to those who couldn’t get their pre-order in, and hopes they will try again or visit Apple or a carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock again. There was also an update by Patel which apparently now has the ship date for the iPhone 4 which was moved to the 2nd of July now being moved to the 14th of July.

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