iPhone 4 Tesco Prices: Better Than O2, Orange and Vodafone

The major players in the iPhone 4 game here in the UK have all announced their price plans with the exception of UK, who is waiting so they can undercut everyone. Now the iPhone 4 price plans for UK retail giant Tesco has been revealed, and look somewhat a better attraction than O2, Vodafone or Orange.

According to an article over on Nexus404 by Andrew Tingle, Tesco will offer the new iPhone 4 handset on a 12 month agreement with the 16GB iPhone 4 costing £349 while the 32GB iPhone 4 costs £429 and based on £20 a month.

The Tesco 12 month contract for the iPhone 4 gives the buyer 250 minutes, unlimited text and 1GB of data, or if you are willing to up your monthly payout to £35 the 16GB iPhone 4 costs £229 and 32GB £299 for which you get 750 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data.

Of course there is the 2 years option which delivers the 16GB iPhone 4 for £19 and the 32GB for £99 when opting for the £40 per month contract which delivers unlimited calling, unlimited text and 1GB data.

Tesco Pay As You Go options offer the iPhone 4 16GB for £479 and the iPhone 4 32GB for £569. So there it is, looks like the best option would be the 2 years agreement if you don’t want to hand over too much cash up front. So which will you go for if you gain your iPhone 4 via Tesco?


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  1. This is a great deal, i was planning on buying from either apple direct or from o2 as i been with them for many years for a payg version. With tesco i even get the phone cheaper than apple or o2 but also every top you do is added twice more by tesco, saying £10 top up you do, you end up with £30 of credit, Amazing deal. Will need to confirm this first before i jump ship from o2. Hopefully thou i can get phone from tesco and it be unlocked. even better. 🙂

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