iPhone 4 According to Walt Mossberg: Video

We have a video for your viewing pleasure today of the iPhone 4 and what the personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg thinks of the new Apple device.

Walt has been testing the iPhone 4 hardware and software for about a week and he says the iPhone 4 is a major leap over the already excellent predecessor the iPhone 3GS although does have a few limitations.

With the iPhone 4, Apple has delivered a “well designed update” that will keep the iPhone in the lead in the smartphone wars says Mossberg, will I say that remains to be seen as time goes by.

Anyway the video lasts some six and a half minutes of Walt Mossberg’s insight into the iPhone 4, and it’s limitations, so rather than me type it all out it’s easier and better for you to mash the play button and hear it from the man himself…enjoy.

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