iPhone 4 Glass Cracks at 1ft Drop?

Earlier we posted a drop test video of the iPhone 4 being dropped from roughly 3 feet up, but this article isn’t about that drop test but rather a real life accident which shows that the iPhone 4 glass isn’t as tough as Apple says.

According to Jesus Diaz over on Gizmodo, this particular iPhone 4 was only dropped from one-foot. Apparently jaredfranklin.com posted the original article along with the image of a shattered iPhone 4 back, and says he is convinced this will be the “first of many.”

Apparently someone close to Jared received their precious iPhone 4 today and just a few hours after accidentally dropped the device which resulted in a damaged rear, although he does note that the iPhone 4 still works.

Lesson to be learnt here is no matter how tough the tech boys say something is, sometimes they can get it wrong too, and thus make real sure you don’t accidentally drop that lovely iPhone 4 sitting in your pocket or you may just end up with the same.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Glass Cracks at 1ft Drop?”

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    ManuelMPF says:

    I'm shocked that the Apple Fanboy Knights haven't jumped all over this to protect King Steve's honor.

    "Well, it's your fault for not having a better grip on your phone"
    "What were you thinking dropping your phone?"

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    movieman1942 says:

    Hard to scratch, brittle enough to break. They should have used a “poly” product !!!

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    mark says:

    wo wo wo wo… this is made from the same glass as helicopters (apparently)… i am slightly worried about helicopters now…

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    Damon says:

    I had a ISHATTER for 5 days…mine fell from standing straight up to falling over on right side and cracked the glass across the corner. Sudden Impact……Terrible

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    jimmy says:

    another crappy product by a has been company, great in the beging and now just a money hungry whore. apple's day in the sun is over. get em the boot and one of the many other quality products from companys making their mark today. this from a previous iphone owner. apple = sh*t.

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    carol says:

    I had my new iphone4 in my handbag with my keys and sunglasses. When I took out the phone I saw it had cracked on an angle along the top. I did not drop the bag (it has a bag that I had across my body) when I called apple they said they can only replace the phone not fix the glass for 199.00. The glass cracks even with out dropping. What was Steve Jobs thinking, this is not a durable phone for anyone

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    Mine was in my pocket when I fell. I got up reached in my pocket and my whole back glass was shattered. The attitude at my local Apple store was, "Sucks to be you". I own a G4, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Two Iphones, and a Mac Mini. I'm a loyal customer and all they can say is, "Sucks to be You". I ended up paying $100 for a replacement phone (I had to have a phone). It will probably cost them $20 to fix the phone and so now they have made another $80 off me. What a brilliant plan- make a product that shatters easily, make sure replacement parts are impossible to find and make more money replacing your own crappy product.


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    former apple fan says:

    I was sitting down and I knocked it onto the floor when trying to get it out. Perhaps a 1 1/2 foot drop to the floor, and the whole back glass was shattered. So much for surviving a 3 foot drop! I haven't gone to the store yet, because I was hoping to find a 3rd party replacement like there is for the old iPhones. I replaced my 3g's screen for ~$15, when Apple wanted $200. Hopefully someone will produce a replacement soon to take away Apple's "extra" profit off of people's broken phones.

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    FAIL IPHONE 4 says:

    Mine cracked today from putting it onto my table in my lounge. Picked it up cut my finger and now its got a crack from the top left leading all the way to the camera. Works still but how much they bigged it up about how good the glass was it is nowhere near worth the money!!!!

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    Paul Davies says:

    Same here – a two foot drop again! I reached out to shut off the alarm when I was in bed and down it went. This happened almost every other morning with my Nokia and there was no harm done.

    Apple's products used to stand for quality – these days they just knock out over-hyped, over-priced, but well-marketed tat.

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    Steven says:

    Yeah, finally able to upgrade to iPhone 4 via my contract.

    3days old and while getting out of a taxi, it slipped from my hand approx… 2feet fall.’ Guess what happened oh look I now have a shattered glass screen. I haven’t even started to see what i can do for a replacement other than a google search. I think I’m screwed on this matter 🙁 .

    Yes I should have had a cover…. yadda yadda yadda…….

    So as above I read all the lovely comments about apple products, how durable and amazing they are, never been a huge apple fan, until the iPhone ! Oh look I even went ahead and upgraded to the iPhone 4 against a few mates telling me to go for the HTC Desire. I now wonder if the desire could handle a few minor bumps!! 

    So on summary, the iPhone 4, is it really a good phone, hold it wrong and you can’t continue your conversation. If gravity accidently takes it course from a few feet and you glass screen cracks,   slighty overpriced (cough, cough) 

    I suppose the real question is, should I have went with HTC Desire! 

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    Ricksriot says:

    Have had the iPhone 4 for less than a week and today it slipped out of my hand while putting into my pocket –was no more than 2 ft from ground and it fell onto hardwood floor inside the house. Completely shattered the glass and there's a small chunk missing (thinking this could be dangerous to hold). Have contacted Mac Store but got no real answer accept to get a cover. Well I ordered the cover online like I was instructed to do and it isn't here yet!

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    worridmum says:

    Had my iphone4 for a month, tripped over a raised paving slab and fell with iphone in my hand (in leather case) – phone only fell couple of feet – 100% of the front glass has cracked. Really disappointed. Feel like I should offer my family to Apple as product quality testers if they really believe that they have built their product to withstand normal wear and tear. My old Nokia once fell out of my pocket while on a horse, crashed onto the tarmac and skidded along the road and there was hardly scratch on it.
    Won't be choosing and iphone next time.

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    Suzie says:

    I'd be sure to buy those rubbery exterior cases but I'd be even more careful not to drop my iPhone 4 three times in a row. There is no doubt that plastic will definitely survive a fall better than most glass. Still, most high-end device manufacturers would go with a material that isn't plastic. The plastic makes them feel junky. I also think that most manufacturers would think a consumer would definitely take better care of high-end device.

    Apple will most likely have to go to carbon fiber on iPhones in the future. Apple could certainly use Lexan plastic for survivability, but it scratches so easily. Apple would have to devise some sort of thin outer glass coating for hardness. No way to win 100%. There'll always have to be some compromise. http://www.whatisguide.net/0112-gorilla-glass.htm

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