iPhone 4 Glass Not that Tough in Drop test Video

Not too long ago there was a drop test report doing the rounds of the net ways involving a motherboard-less iPhone 4 and accompanying pictures shows that the iPhone 4 glass wasn’t as tough as expected, you can refresh your memory on that by hitting (here)

Well according to an article over on Engadget by Thomas Ricker, the guys who did the original iPhone 4 drop test in pictures, ifixyouri, have decided that the real proof of just how tough the iPhone 4 glass is comes by way do videoing the test.

So this is what they did and we have the video of the iPhone 4 drop test for your perusal below, but basically the results come out much the same as those first shown in the original article, so don’t go throwing your iPhone 4 about.

But as they say, video proof it better than an image, and so head on down to the almost two minute iPhone 4 drop test video, mash play but remember not to cry out loud as you see the iPhone 4 hit the deck…enjoy.


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