iPhone 4 or football: the world of hype

Over the past couple of weeks or more the world has seem a huge amount of hype over two things, the FIFA World Cup 2010 and of course the release of the iPhone 4, both taking huge amounts of net space in recent days.

Probably the biggest and most hyped is the football as there are going to be far more fans of football than any smartphone even a new iPhone 4, but no doubt the iPhone 4 has held its own in the hype stakes.

An iPhone launch is indeed one of the biggest hyped things in the mobile arena but really isn’t any match for the world of football, but iPhone devotees will undoubtedly continue to embrace all things iPhone even after the World Cup is over, as will fans of football, and no doubt many of those football fans are indeed iPhone fans as well.

One wonders though if a World Cup match was playing at the exact time stores opened to sell the iPhone 4, which would come out the winner, would a World Cup match come before grabbing the much loved iPhone 4, or would you risk missing that important goal, and go get your iPhone 4?

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