iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Covered on Videos

It appears that the latest tech device out of the Apple tree, the iPhone 4 is experiencing some issues with that new antenna band that surrounds your new iPhone 4 with reports of dropped calls and no bars showing when touching the iPhone 4 antenna band.

This iPhone 4 issue is brought to our attention by Jason Chen of Gizmodo as he has posted numerous reader videos of this issue with the iPhone 4, the first of which was found over on Macrumors and several readers have added their videos as well.

In all there are 12 videos covering the iPhone 4 antenna problems which of course we have for your perusal below, so rather than me try to explain it all maybe you’d like to hit them up and check them out for yourselves.

Today is iPhone 4 launch day here in the UK and in a few hours time over in the US, so when you have your new iPhone 4 in hand and playing with the device, if you come across this issue or any others fell free to drop us a line in our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Covered on Videos”

  1. Mel Court says:

    It is very odd that something as basic as this could be missed by the Apple engineers.
    An aerial / antenna is tuned and impedance matched to the transmitter / receiver output stage. If it is touched, it will be detuned and lose its efficiency.

    I can't see how there can be a quick fix. Gross incompetence?

  2. movieman1942 says:

    I have just received my NEW iPhone 4. I have NOT had ANY problems with reception with or without a case. Left or Right handed. SWR is measured based on LENGTH of antenna, I would say Apple ” Tuned the antenna ” while an average sized person HELD the iPhone thereby giving a average resistance reading. I remember back in the day when I tuned my CB radio antenna. A full wave length was something like 65 feet long which, of course, could not be used on a car or truck so a LOADED unit was designed. They were shorter sizes with Coils to keep the impedance matched to the transmitter. The signal would not go as far but, the trade-off was necessary.

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