HTC Sued for Patent Infringement Again by Apple

You most probably heard that Apple is suing HTC over patent infringements, but apparently the lawsuit isn’t enough to satisfy Apple as apparently the iPhone giant has filed another patent infringement lawsuit against HTC. Is HTC becoming too big for Apple’s liking?

According to an article over on Sofpedia by Ionut Arghire, this new lawsuit from Apple was filed with the same Delaware Court Apple originally filed with back in March this year. Apparently there are 4 patents in the documentation however 2 are mentioned in Apple’s first lawsuit, but now have minor corrections added.

The 2 new alleged patent infringements are patent 6,282,646: “System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration,” and patent 7,380,116: “System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration,” which looks to be identical patents.

Currently there is no word on whether the will be treated as a new lawsuit or a continuation of the original Apple lawsuit, and apparently no judge has been assigned to the case yet according to the source article over on Techcrunch; more on this as and when we know.

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