BlackBerry Bold 9700 Hits $0 Zone with Rogers

If you are not a devoted fan of the iPhone 4 but rather a BlackBerry fan residing over in the great white expanse known as Canada, you just might like to know that you can now pick up the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone for zero bucks.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of Crackberry, a leaked signage shows that the Research In Motion device has now hit the free zone.

Apparently when going with Rogers you can hook a BlackBerry Bold 9700 without handing over any cash when signing on for a 3 year agreement, although this may be just a temporary thing as it’s not clear if Rogers have made a permanent drop in the price.

Having said that, this BlackBerry Bold 9700 for $0 could well be individual dealers sale price, or possibly Rogers gearing up to more inventory to make way for new BlackBerry smartphones, still if you want the Bold 9700 for zero now looks like the time to go get it.

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