Apple HTC Lawsuit: HTC Fights Back

In the patent lawsuit where Apple accuses HTC of infringing on iPhone patents, HTC has yet to officially file an official reply with the courts; however according to an article over on engadget, HTC has released an updated statement.

According to that HTC statement, HTC says that although they strongly advocate intellectual property protection, they do not agree with Apple’s actions and thus will fully defend themselves. Obviously that is to be expected as I’m sure HTC isn’t simply going to roll over and let Apple have its way.

The thing the guys at engadget did do though was to ask HTC if and when Google would get involved, and naturally HTC didn’t offer a reply, nor did they say they would countersue Apple in a tit-for-tat game.

Personally I think if Apple and HTC can’t sort this out amicably, then sooner or later Google will have to back its partner and step up to the line and defend Android which we all know is what Apple is really hitting for.

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