HTC Incredible to hit Verizon Stores in 2 Weeks?

Apparently sources at the Big Red have confirmed that the HTC Incredible smartphone is supposed to hit Verizon stores in two weeks time according to an article over on dailytech.

It’s been fairly common news that the HTC Incredible would go with Verizon Wireless at some point but now it seems if correct to have been confirmed, and as the HTC Incredible is supposed to sport Android 2.1 it ties in nicely with Verizon’s announcement that they are beginning to a test deployment of said OS to the Motorola Droid.

The article says that it is possibly that the Verizon HTC Incredible could potentially steal the show by being the slickest Android smartphone to date with its’ rumoured 1GHz processor, which apparently is underclocked to 768 MHz.

In comparison to the other top Android smartphone the Nexus One, the HTC Incredible does pack a better camera at 88 megapixels, and is also been rumoured to sport 6GB of flash which is also more than the Nexus One.

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