Nexus One goes up against iPhone on AT&T

The Google Nexus One is about to go up against the iPhone as Google has begun offering a Nexus One version which runs on AT&T’s 3G network. However apparently the Big Blue isn’t selling or subsidising the Nexus One, reports techbytes

The AT&T compatible Nexus One smartphone is only available via the Google website and commands the full price of $529, and up until now the Android packing Nexus One was only available on T-Mobile in the US.

So it looks like there may be a battle brewing between the Nexus One on AT&T and the iPhone which is also on AT&T, makes one wonder if AT&T can’t cope with the traffic from the iPhone how will they cope with the addition of the Nexus One?

Although, as the word is Nexus One sales haven’t been doing too well of late, well from launch really, perhaps there won’t be too much strain put on the AT&T network.

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