74 Days, 135000 Units Sold, Nexus One Flops

It appears that the Google Nexus One smartphone is doing quite badly when it comes to comparing sales with such smartphone as the first Droid from Motorola and the iconic iPhone, as according to mobile analytics company Flurry, the Nexus One sold just 135,000 in the first 74 days,, reports business insider

Looking at the iPhone, it sold 1 million units in the first 74 days and the Motorola Droid sold 1.05 million handsets in the same timescale, and if you also look at the Apple iPad, it sold some 152,000 units in just 3 days.

Could it be that Google has taken the wrong approach by offering the Nexus One only online and through T-Mobile? But then the Apple iPad was also only available by online sales, so it can’t simply be put down to that.

Was it bad marketing with the Nexus One? Well one wouldn’t think so as the Nexus One was prominently advertised on one of the worlds most viewed web pages, the Google Homepage.

Yet even with this advertising the Nexus One sales rate continues to decline with the first week shifting 80k, which means that the time after the Nexus One has only managed to sell 55k units.


4 thoughts on “74 Days, 135000 Units Sold, Nexus One Flops”

  1. I’m actually impressed with the figures. Even though Droid sold more than the iPhone in this comparison, you have to remember that the iPhone ($500-$600) was going for twice as much as what the droid ($199) was going for.

  2. achilles says:

    The Nexus One is doing poorly because #1: It doesn’t have a keyboard. People with a Droid aren’t going to switch just because of a different screen and processor. Why lose a physical keyboard to “upgrade” to something without one? #2: It needs more memory! If it had 32gb internal. . .

  3. bacov says:

    Nexus One – good phone – bad marketing. Selling online for an arm and a leg, or get a deal from a not-so-desirable cell service equals ??? Not enough there to get excited about. I bought two HTC Eris from Verizon…….doing fine, and a decent deal. I would have gotten N1’s, if at Verizon with a deal!

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