Have you pre-ordered Apple iPad or waiting for iPhone 4G?

The latest creation out of the Apple stable is of course the rather large iPhone looking Apple iPad, which can already be pre-ordered and is due release very soon, so if you haven’t pre-ordered you iPad best get to it. However, perhaps not everyone wants to pre-order the iPad.

Perhaps some don’t fancy owning the iPad for one reason or another, or perhaps there are those who are simply waiting for the next generation, the iPhone 4G to come along, which is presumed to happen at the traditional Apple iPhone launch time.

The thing is many have said why bother with the iPad as it offers virtually the same as the iPhone, only delivering larger icons, and a larger display to play iPhone games on or watch videos, so why hand over more bucks for something the iPhone can already do?

Having said that, no doubt there are Apple fans that will see the Apple iPad and this years ‘must have gizmo’ and pre-order it so they can lay claim to being one of the first. So do any of our readers fall into this category? Have you pre-ordered the Apple iPad, or are you waiting for the iPhone 4G?


9 thoughts on “Have you pre-ordered Apple iPad or waiting for iPhone 4G?”

  1. Coldsmoke says:

    Yes, preorderd a 64G with 3G. I may also get the Iphone 4G depending upon what it offers that is new. A better speakerphone would do it for me. (I probably spend too much on this kind of stuff, but I think of it as a kind of hobby)
    Anyway, I am looking forward to the IPAD and am hopeful it can substitute as a lighter alternative to my Macbook for common tasks involving the web, calendaring, and mail.

  2. Bithlen says:

    I cannot fathom a single application where I would use this over my Macbook Pro and/or iPhone. My Macbook Pro isn’t exactly huge compared to the iPad and I have a full keyboard, much larger hard drive, etc. to do whatever I want.

  3. SC says:

    i already ordered the 64gb 3g version and i will be getting the new iphone when it comes out. i skipped the 3gS because it wasnt much of an update.

  4. Chop says:

    I will get the 4G, but only if it comes to Verizon. I recently dumped my iPhone 3G, the best Phone I’ve ever had 🙁 because I was fed up with ATT.

    Apple, Please bring iPhone 4G to open market or at least Verizon. Ohh, and stop locking it down so much for everyday users. It can do so much more, and would sell even more if it wasn’t so restricted.

  5. GolfHaven says:

    Definitely waiting for the iPhone 4G! Hopeful for AMOLED screen, better camera (w/flash!), with new faster iPad A4 chip, improved speakers and battery. A front facing camera would be fun but not a necessity, as would multi-tasking.

  6. R says:

    I’m atentivebly waiting for iphone 4g! 🙂 , purposely skipped same body/built of the “3Gs” model & not so impress with “Nexus One”. I know AT&T it’s not “the best service” but “phone service” it’s not the only of many features that I enjoy/use. iPhone for me it’s much more than just a “simple phone” it’s almost a perfect movile computer & the closet there is to one…Oh & that’s why almost everyone now it’s “trying to” copy right now their touch screen, easy user operating system, & many other capabilities, etc. They are all just “trying” but don’t have the same Apple mentality, drive (the others are more concerned with making money & are blind by their ambitions that blind their creativity)or Apple ingenuity & creativeness..:). For me their phones & operating systems (to just mention one)look retarded & behind the times. iPhone it’s really A Piece Of Art that it’s not only efficient & “pretty” but very useful also..:) Oh & IT WORKS! 😀

  7. R says:

    You & averyone alse should know by now (you said you had an iPhone); Apple does not care about “How many” or “How much they sell” NOW. They are more smarter than that…they have always been more concentrated by giving a good core product FIRST. They care much more about quality first and to keep customers long term than just rushing out bad or unfinish product for the sake of making money. They are making money right now but that’s not their main concern. They really take the time to study what really works or will work for their customers “us” :). People it’s waking up & realizing what I mentined above & including my self for ~the las t 3 years: many people it’s buying Apple computer products. Like I said, Apple just WORKS. Well anyway if it makes you happy, I “did hear” that an apple product (not iPhone) may come to “horizon” 🙂

  8. Parag says:

    Eagerly waiting for iphone 4G. had a 2G, which I broke last month and dont want to settle with 3G/3Gs if 4G is coming out soon. Yet, all are rumors – nothing officially out from Apple about the timelines. I will wait on buying iPAD and will listen to the experiences from early users. Apple does know how/when to market, so lets see how soon they come out with it.

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