Apple iPad 3G monthly mobile contract pricing and details

There is more news on the Apple iPad and its monthly mobile 3G contract, yes, you can right now pre-order the iPad and it will release in the U.S April 3.

The iPad 3G will come with a monthly contract according to The Register, other details state that you can stop the screen spinning around thanks to a new button; it will also come with a replaceable battery.

The button we mentioned above locks the automatic screen rotation, which is very good news and sometimes a must, the replaceable battery if ever need one will cost you $99. Other features include the iPad to read eBooks out aloud.

If you purchase the iPad 3G the monthly contract will cost $15 per month and will offer you 250MB of data, you can opt for the $30 per month that will give you unlimited plan. We would love you to post your comments about the above, as we believe customer satisfaction is a must, we would love to know if this satisfies you.


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  1. The iPad will also be available with a WiFi only model, free from any contract restrictions and therefore no monthly Fee- I’m not sure where the information about the removable battery came from

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