Pre-Order Apple iPad Today, Release date April 3

Whilst we wait for the announcement of the new iPhone 4G or whatever it will be called, you might as well know that you can pre-order your Apple iPad today over on Apple Store USA.

Pre-orders can be made today and this new tablet’s release date will be April 3, you can either pick up the iPad on this date via the Apple Online Store or go to your nearest retail store.

Will you be pre-ordering your iPad today? If so please let us know, as we want to know how popular this device will be, as soon as it releases here in the UK we will be getting one of these babies you can mark our words on that.

We will also be getting the next-generation iPhone when it releases as well, if there is anyone from Apple reading this please send us the Apple iPad now (We don’t mind paying for it), otherwise we have to wait a little longer for it to come to the UK, and we hate waiting.

Source – Cnet

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