More Feature Support for iPhone 4G and iPad in SDK

People looking into the latest update of the iPhone SDK have apparently discovers ten new features, of which two are completely brand new, although it is not known whether the iPad and the next generation iPhone will see these features reports an article over on shutter voice.

The two “brand new” features discovered in the latest iPhone SDK are “LongPress” and “3Tap”, and could be for Apple’s latest creation and also for the new iPhone 4G when it arrives but at this time it is all speculation.

According to said article, some of the usual applications include Pinch Mix, Pinch out and Pan Mix, however the functions for both the new application are presently unknown, but no doubt over time it will all be revealed.

There has been much speculation as to what to expect with the iPhone 4G, some expecting great leaps and bounds; so as the traditional new iPhone announcement time draws closer, more and more rumours on specs will undoubtedly surface, so will pan out, others won’t; so for now it a waiting game for us all.

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