UK iPhone Carriers to Battle for Apple iPad

Over in the States the latest creation from Apple, the iPad is set to go with AT&T; over here in the UK a battle is brewing over which iPhone carrier will also gain the Apple iPad, and gearing up to do battle are O2 UK, Vodafone, and Orange.

According to an article over on mobile offers, Apple execs will head for the UK next week and make a decision as to which mobile operator gets the right to offer the Apple iPad in the UK. Apparently talks have already got underway between O2 UK, Orange, Vodafone and Apple says a source close to the matter.

The words is that with the Apple iPad, unlike the iPhone exclusivity deal with O2 back in 2007, will be offered to multiple carriers, so all 3 could be in with a good chance of offering the much talked about iPad, which has been referred to by some as just a giant iPhone.

However, if there is even a slightest chance of exclusive rights over the Apple iPad in the United Kingdom, then no doubt the iPhone carriers will all be preparing for a fierce battle to get hold of that exclusivity, let battle commence.


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