New iPhone 4G top 25 must have features

All the talk about the new Apple iPhone 4G still keeps us on the edge of our seats, but and a big but no one knows when this new device will release. Will it be 2010 or 2011? Well what many have suggested is what the new device should feature.

We have mentioned quite a few times what the new iPhone 4G should feature, but Cnet has put together a very good top 25 most wanted features. They have put 25-pages of photos, features and details of each feature and must say it is very interesting indeed and well worth a read.

Here are the top 25 iPhone 4G most wanted features:

    1. Fewer failed and dropped calls
    2. More carriers
    3. Multitasking
    4. Better battery life
    5. Faster processor, even zippier operation
    6. Improved 3D graphics
    7. Trimmer, sleeker design
    8. Flash support
    9. Improved camera with video chat (camera on front)
    10. 4G network compatible
    11. Removable battery
    12. 802.11n support
    13. Improved voice control
    14. Less restrictive Bluetooth
    15. Better app organization and file management
    16. External keyboard support
    17. HD output
    18. Reasonably priced tethering
    19. RFID
    20. Expandable memory
    21. More memory
    22. Better Google Voice support
    23. Better sound from built-in speakers
    24. Biometric security
    25. OLED screen

There are so many question we would love answered, Will Apple release new iPhone in July like normal? What features will the device feature? Will it be called the iPhone 4G?

Please let us know if the top 25 is what you want, if you have more feature ideas for the next-gen iPhone please let us know and we will be sure to mention it.


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