Apple iPhone 4G name will not be 4th generation device, why?

The next generation iPhone, there has been much speculation over just what Apple will name the new handset, and most refer to the new iPhone as the iPhone 4G although this isn’t an official name, and according to an article over on tuaw, it is highly unlikely the next gen iPhone will actually be known as the iPhone 4G.

They say it made sense naming the 2nd iPhone the iPhone 3G as it added a faster 3G chipset and antenna, while the iPhone 3GS added the “S” for speed as the iPhone 3GS is faster than the previous iPhone 3G.

Now as for that iPhone 4G name, they say the reason Apple won’t go with iPhone 4G is simply that the global deployment of 4G wireless networks has still not entered its infancy and is barely past the “foetal stage” with Sprint and Verizon at the testing stage in some major cities and AT&T will not even begin deployment of 4G until 2011.

On a global scale, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Russia Taiwan, and Norway have taken the first tentative steps towards 4G, and once there is enough 4G networks out there, then we will probably see an iPhone 4G.

So with iPhone 4G out of the equation, what will the next gen iPhone be called? Well according to the article Apple official names are generally simple much like the iMac which even now is still known as the iMac. Basically when someone says iPhone 4G they mean the 4th generation iPhone, using the run on name from the iPhone 3G, so probably everyone will still refer to the next iPhone as the iPhone 4G until such time as Apple deliver their official name.

So with that said and presuming Apple won’t name the next generation iPhone the iPhone 4G, what would you like it to be known as, any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4G name will not be 4th generation device, why?”

  1. Scott says:

    The next iPhone could be called the iPhone 4G for two reasons.
    The next iPhone will be the 4th generation iPhone and, although 4G networks aren’t currently available and are only in the testing stages, Apple may make it 4G “ready”, so that when 4G becomes available, the next 4th generation models will be able to use the 4G networks.

  2. Scott's brain says:

    Hey Scott. Do you really think Apple are going to make it “4G ready” when they can just release a new device a year later when 4G is up and running? That’s right, they’re not. They’re going to get those pounds from the consumer’s pocket because we’re dumb enough to give in every year, myself included…

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