iPhone Price is an Obstacle and will be Reduced

The Apple iPhone is a very popular smartphone, but many simply still can’t afford the iPhone due to its high price of ownership. However with the arrival of the Apple iPad and the upcoming iPhone 4G launch expected in June, Morgan Stanley analysts believe the price of the next iPhone will be lower.

According to an article over on macnn, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty suggests the lower iPhone pricing while other analysts suggest that a Verizon branded iPhone is “more likely” as a way of Apple expanding their sales.

Huberty has also noted that the price of the iPhone in an obstacle around the globe and noting in particular China but also remains a problem for many in rich countries like the United States. She also suggests that the iPhone 4G may feature new tech such as gesture control.

Of course the analysts could be wrong in their assumptions, and the arrival of the iPad not have any effect on the iPhone at all, but it is about time Apple did contemplate lowering the rpice of the iPhone and getting it aboard more carriers in the US, don’t you agree?

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