iPhone just takes the biscuit

There are many mobile phones that end up being copied, but none more so that the iconic iPhone, but we are not talking about your usual Chinese rip-off merchants this time round, as it seems the iPhone has become big business in the world of food.

Not too long ago I posted a video a guy creating an iPhone looking sandwich, you can remind yourself by hitting up (here), and well it also appears that the cookie industry also makes use of the popularity of the iPhone.

The guys over at cult of mac have come across a Japanese bakery known as Green Gables, which produced handmade smart cookies of the famous iPhone right down to the iPhone camera on its rear.

These particular iPhone cookies are brown though rather than the more traditional iPhone black as they are probably made of gingerbread. Still, just goes to show if something gets as popular as the iPhone, anyone and everyone will try to make cash from it.

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