Could Windows Phone 7 be First Credible iPhone Challenger?

Most are aware, although some would disagree that the iPhone 3GS is the tops of the smartphone world and if definitely the smartphone every other manufacturer wants to beat. However now that Microsoft has debuted Windows Phone 7 Series, could it challenge the iPhone throne?

According to an article over on IGN, it may well be. The iPhone OS is only available on Apple hardware whereas Windows Phone 7 Series is a multi-device platform which will be offered by numerous smartphone makers. Windows Phone 7 utilises the ‘graphic-intensive’ design of the Zune HD UI along with a much wider array of apps.

Windows Phone 7 Series also enables the user to create custom contact pages that are actively updated with the user’s media updates, social networking services and more. Furthermore Windows Phone 7 has Xbox Live integration that hasn’t been achieved on any other phone system.

The article goes on to say that if the hardware that carries Windows Phone 7 Series OS packs a big enough tech punch to take on the iPhone, and that price is right, Windows Phone 7 Series has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with.

So, what do you think, could Windows Phone 7 Series take down the iPhone, could Windows Phone 7 be the much sort after ‘iPhone killer?”


3 thoughts on “Could Windows Phone 7 be First Credible iPhone Challenger?”

  1. David C says:

    Simple equation: iPhone = 150,000 software applications
    Microsoft Windows Phone 7 = Zero software applications

    Microsoft has had difficulty attracting software developers for its mobile platforms. That’s going to make it impossible to compete against iPhone. People want to download software for their smartphone.

    Microsoft’s biggest competitor will be Google’s ‘Android’ platform. Android already has 50,000 applications and is the fastest growing platform. I can’t see Windows Phone 7 gaining any traction at all against Android or iPhone.

  2. ivan says:

    David this is for you, nothing is impossible android start 1 year ago, and already got 50 thousand why windows phone 7 cant do the same ?? of course will take time to catch iphone but i thing with the new developer tools for wp7 will be available in march , a lot of apps will be create before launch without mention wp7 is very concentre as well in games , make us possible to play on line and games with the quality of the psp.

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