Apple complaint against Nokia to be investigated by ITC

Not too long ago the US International Trade Commission agreed to investigate Nokia’s complaints of Apple infringing on Nokia patents, but there was no word on whether the ITC would investigate Apple’s rebuttal complaint.

Well now the shoe is on the other foot, with the ITC agreeing to investigate Nokia over Apple’s complaints of patent infringement reports an article on Reuters.

I’m sure you know how it went originally, Nokia complaining to the ITC over the iPhone infringing on their tech patents without any financial agreement, and Apple lodging a counter-complaint in a tit-for-tat legal battle which no doubt will wrangle on for quite some time.

Apparently 6 ITC administrative law judges have been assigned to review the evidence of Apple’s complaint that Nokia infringes on 9 of their patents and a completion target date for the investigation has been set for 45 days once the investigation had started.

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