Nokia & Intel join up to launch MeeGo

Nokia and Intel have joined forces in order to launch the new platform MeeGo, it comes from Maemo the Linux based platform which is used on Nokia’s N900 and Intel’s Moblin operating system.

The new OS will co exist alongside Symbian and will open up loads of new devices to application developers. Vice president at Intel Renee James has said that they are looking to build a single Linux platform with a single developer and a merged programming interface.

MeeGo is designed really to enable the application and services ecosystems for these mobile, internet and media devices. It will make it easier for developers to build a single application that is able to be ported to a range of different devices including televisions and in car entertainment.

We can expect to see the first multitouch enable MeeGo device later this year. Nokia have also announced recently that more than three million people have already downloaded Ovi Maps the software that turns Nokia devices into sat nav systems.
Source – telegraph.co.uk

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