Windows Phone 7 MWC Signage gets spotted

If you want to know what Windows Mobile 7, or Windows Phone 7 as it is now being called, looks like then the guys over at engadget have managed to get hold of a snap of Windows Phone 7 signage for Mobile World Congress 2010.

Apparently some last minute alterations where being done to the Windows Phone 7 operating system poster, and no one could be bother to see if anyone was hanging around with camera in hand, so fortunately for every there was.

From the snap we can see what looks to be Xbox LIVE integration, which has been previously rumoured with Windows Phone 7, along with several icons for email, texts and calls, and a section for such things as ‘Me’, pictures and Facebook.

So there it is, the first shot of Windows Phone 7 before anything goes on at Mobile World Congress 2010, and the new operating system from Microsoft isn’t looking too shabby is it.

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