Sprint Ad War: Can they take on Verizon and AT&T?

The advert war between the Big Red and Big Blue continues but now it looks like the Big Yellow is joining the battlefield as Sprint launches a new advert which highlights their monthly wireless plan of $69.99 a month includes not only voice services but data as well, reports brandweek.

The new advert from Sprint features Sprint CEO Dan Hesse giving the explanation that most users use their mobile phone to do more than simply make a phone call and that Sprint’s $69.99 monthly plan includes texting and web browsing while Verizon and AT&T’s $69.99 do not offer as much.

Basically what the new Sprint advert is saying is that “Our $69.99 is worth more than their $69.99.” So with Verizon and AT&T for your $69.99 you only get voice calls but with Sprint you get voice calls, unlimited text and internet for the same $69.99, seems like a better deal to me.

We have a video of the new Sprint advert for your viewing pleasure which can be located below, and we are also running a poll, so please check it out and add your vote.

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