Will iPhone 4G have Patented Motion Sensing Tech?

Apple has filed a patent for Motion Sensor technology which rumour has it may be used in the next generation Apple smartphone, the iPhone 4G. This new tech would apparently enable motion sensing via the iPhone camera and would deliver more control over the iPhone to the user reports an article on mobilemag.

Apparently the Apple patent suggests that swiping or tapping a finger across the iPhone camera in a particular direction, the user could access voicemail, merge calls, fast forward and rewind voicemails and deliver almost control of the interface via pre-configured motion.

With the swipe motion the finger would glide across the camera lens without actually touching it while the tap feature is also another possibility with this technology whereby the user simply taps the phone to control various commands such as mute call or switch to call waiting.

All very James Bond-ish and high-tech, but would this new tech be helpful to the iPhone user or is this simply another confusing way to access stuff on your iPhone, what are you thought readers?

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