Analyst reports iPhone price drop after iPad release

It appears that the latest rumour hitting the net waves is that Apple is thinking about lowering the price tag on the next iPhone so it has a better chance of competing against the likes if Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series, Google Android and of course BlackBerry.

The rumour originates from a Morgan Stanley analyst who says the Apple iPad is to be released this month and a new iPhone in June and Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone as the iPad is running the iPhone operating system reports an article over on thetechupdate.

Furthermore the rumour also has it the next generation iPhone will bring new functionality which may or may not feature gesture based tech; however as they say, this is unconfirmed and thus should be treated as rumour until otherwise stated.

As we know, analysts aren’t always right, and much note is placed on what analysts say, but does Apple really need to lower the price of the iPhone 4G 2010 as its become known? Is Apple worried that the launch of the iPad will damage the iPhone? What are your views?


One thought on “Analyst reports iPhone price drop after iPad release”

  1. What I think is that the ipad the one reducing its price when the 4gen iphone comes. The ipad is built on 3g software like ipod touch 3gen That can’t compete with iphone 4gen plus all its new camera on it for skype.

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