Unlock your iPhone 3G to any network carrier

There are a number of things you can do when you unlock your iPhone 3G including surfing the net and checking your email.

Having said that there is one thing that you wont be able to do with your unlocked iPhone 3G. The iPhone is locked and therefore you are not swap to a new supplier and get a better deal or better coverage.

When you purchase an iPhone you are locked into one supplier, so therefore if you happen to be say on T-Mobile and wish to swap over to Vodafone you can’t your stuck with what you’ve got.

With the Unlock 3G iPhone solutions you are actually able to unlock your iPhone so that you can utilise it with a different supplier such as Verizon, Cingular, T Mobile, Sprint or Vodafone. How does this work, well apparently all you need to do is buy the unlock solution from Unlock 3G iPhone and follow their instructions. Great if this works. For more information on hoe to get this simply visit collegeotr.com


3 thoughts on “Unlock your iPhone 3G to any network carrier”

  1. Ian Mac says:

    That’s crap, Because I am o2 & I have got it unlocked through them for FREE.

    It is on there website that the unlock is Free for contract users or £15 for pay & go users…

    I have mine legally unlocked through them so that I can change networks whenever & whoever I want to…


  2. Zuzana says:

    I am unlocking my iphone through O2 right now but wondering what’s gonna happen when I put a new sim in. Am I gonna keep my numbers, texts, apps and settings? It it gonna work with my itunes ? Does anyone know ????


  3. gunslinger says:

    i do believe u wont lose anything and can connect to itunes ive just filled the form in to have mine unlocked how long does it take

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