Video: Nexus One vs. Motorola Milestone Google Earth

We have a comparison video for your viewing pleasure today, of Google Earth for Android running on the Android 2.1 platform of the Google Nexus One superphone against the Android 2.0.1 packing Motorola Milestone smartphone.

The video comparison demo comes courtesy of the guys over at nampblog, and lasts almost seven and a half minutes and first off shows that the Google Nexus One is faster than the Motorola Milestone when launching Google Earth for Android.

Having said that, Google Earth for Android does run just as smoothly on the Motorola Milestone as it does on the Nexus One handset and delivers the same 3D imagery as seen on the desktop version of Google Earth and the user can search by voice along with browsing geographic info on such things as photos, places, roads, and the like.

Google Earth for Android is a free download via the Android Market ; so that’s about it for now, just head on down to the video below, hit play and enjoy.

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