Motorola Milestone coming to Telus on Feb 18

For all the Android loving populace over in Canada, you may just be getting your hands on the Motorola Milestone in a few days time as according to an article over on mobile syrup, namely the 18th of February.

According to the article, an internal Best Buy memo has been sent to employees letting them know that the Android packing Motorola Milestone will be launching as of the 18th of February.

Furthermore, apparently Best Buy will take pre-orders for the Motorola Milestone as of today the 5th of February, so if you want one you can now hit up Best Buy and pre-order, although there has been no official confirmation yet.

Unfortunately we can’t bring you any official pricing for the Telus branded Motorola Milestone; however it has been previously rumoured the Motorola Milestone should hit about $549 off contract and $199 on contract.

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