Motorola Devour Spotted in Motorola Super Bowl 2010 Ad

As you are probably aware, Motorola is running some Super Bowl 2010 adverts and now according to an article over on i4u, Motorola has begun teasing their advert with snippets on their website.

The first of these teases shows a young boy who seems fixated with the Motorola Devour when something explodes in a microwave oven behind him.

Next there is an Asian couple who are sitting in complete silence at a table and glance at each other as if they have had a disagreement; this is followed by a truck spectacularly crashing into a tortilla booth.

Now other than the Motorola Devour making an appearance in the first clip I haven’t a clue what the other scenes have to do with the Motorola Devour, but if you want to check the clips out you can do so (here) then come back and let us know your thoughts.

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