Motorola Devour Release Date and Price, what about Verizon iPhone

Well one thing is for sure Motorola’s first two Android phones the Droid or Milestone and the Cliq or Dext depending where you are were received very well indeed.

And now Motorola plans around another 20. It has already revealed the Backflip and also models for China and Korea and now we are waiting to hear more on the Devour.

We know that this will be a midrange smartphone something similar to the Cliq but with the addition of a QWERTY keyboard and also a touchscreen, actually think of it more as a trimmed version of the Motorola Droid aka Milestone.

The Devour will come with Motoblur as its user interface, it is aimed mainly as people who like their social networking. The thing is really how important is the Motorola mobile phone when really all we want to know about is the iPhone 2010 with Verizon. It is the most talked about topic at the moment so come on Apple and Verizon stop the talking and start acting please. source – unthinkable.biz


5 thoughts on “Motorola Devour Release Date and Price, what about Verizon iPhone”

  1. Shayne says:

    I spoke with a Verizon representative at one of the stores and he said that they expected to get the iPhone into Verizon towards the very end of 2010 or later. I had asked about both the iPhone and the Nexus One, which he said would come out sooner – summer 2010.

    Personally, the lacking of a keyboard and a removable battery stop the iPhone from being that future-dream-phone for me, but it is a pretty great phone otherwise. I’m considering purchasing the Motorola Devour or LG’s first smartphone on Verizon’s network after vigorously researching both, but any phone with a physical keyboard is a major plus these days with a lot of people.

  2. Mike says:

    I work for Verizon and we will not be getting the iphone. ATT has been Apple’s bitch and will give them what ever they want. Verizon however will not. Therefore apple and us never come to an agreement.

  3. steve yound says:

    Droid Does, few more months of app development, and Verizon doesn’t need the iphone, reign of iphone over, android is up to bat

  4. PJ says:

    Forget LG phones. Their published battery life is a joke. If you use any apps plan on needing to re-charge every night. Plus, in a complete screw you to customers, every LG phone charger cord has a different configeration — so if you up grade an LG you must buy a new car charger, etc.

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