Apple and Verizon still chatting about iPhone and iPad

AT&T have managed to do it again, impress us all with the 3G data plan for the iPad, that is but what about the Verizon deal.

Well nothing much has happened on that front, apart from that is more talking and a lot of it. It would seem that both future partners do intend on making both the iPad and the iPhone available on Verizon’s network.

When though? later this year is what is expected probably after AT&T’s exclusive deal with ideal expires. that’s according to the guys over at Fox News. According to Michael Gartenberg an analyst it is Verizon’s aging CDMA network that has caused problems in relation to the move.

He also added that “once Verizon moves to LTE, which is a next generation wireless tech, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to partner”. Source – 9to5mac.com

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