Child Labour Used to Manufacture iPhone

It has come to light that that iPhone you are carrying may well have been manufactured by the usage of child labour as apparently Apple has stated that 3 of their suppliers used eleven underage children to work on building the iPhone, Mac computer and iPod reports an article over on Bloomberg.

The word is an Apple investigation revealed that 3 companies had hired fifteen year old workers in countries which have a minimum working age of sixteen, although Apple has not revealed which companies and what countries where involved. Although Apple visited facilities in the US, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, South Korea and the Philippines.

In a 24 page report from Apple they did state however that the under-age workers were no longer in active employment at the time of the Apple audit. Apple ceased doing business with at least one supplier who wasn’t named due to repeated violations and inadequate actions to get their house into order.

The Apple audit also uncovered 3 cases where suppliers falsified records to hide the usage of under-age workers, and in excess of 60 companies worked their employees beyond the maximum 60 hour week, and 24 Apple partners were found to be paying less than the required minimum wage.

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