Video: LG Windows Phone 7 Series Pre-production Prototype

While at the Engadget Show, Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman showed off the first Windows Phone 7 Series pre-production prototype smartphone which is an LG slider device, and we can learn a little about this new device.

Apparently the guys say that the LG Windows Phone 7 Series prototype handset is a tag thicker than the Google Nexus One and the Apple iPhone and has a dedicated camera along with power and volume buttons as well as home, search and back buttons.

They also note that there is a 5 megapixel camera with flash on the handsets rear with a headphone jack as well, but other than that as this handset is an early version things could well change.

But the guys did manage to capture the LG Windows Phone 7 Series handset on video which we have for your viewing pleasure below; it’s only a short 40 second video so head on down and check it out…enjoy.

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