Video: Nexus One Flash Player 10.1 Battery Performance

So what effect does Flash Player 10.1 have on the Nexus One smartphone when it comes to battery performance, does it chew into the Nexus One power or does it handle Flash Player 10.1 fairly well?

Well apparently Flash Player 10.1 doesn’t have any effect on the Nexus One battery life as you can see in the video we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at engadget.

The video shows Mark Doherty running Flash Player 10.1 on his Nexus One smartphone playing a roughly 17 minute embedded video in the full YouTube website, and then pulls up the Nexus One’s battery usage utility which shows that just 6% of the juice has been drained.

Doherty says that the tests suggest a user can gain roughly 3 hours of H.264 playback over WiFi, which should be long enough to view a movie or so. So head on down below and check out the video…enjoy.

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