Can HTC Desire Outgun Google Nexus One?

When HTC unveiled the HTC Desire at Mobile World Congress 2010 they basically delivered a twin of the Google Nexus One smartphone albeit a couple of UI differences. So can the HTC Desire stand up against the Google Nexus One and outgun it?

According to an article over on itproportal it can and they have come up with seven reasons why they think the HTC Desire can beat the Google Nexus One.

Although the HTC Desire and Nexus One share the same specs, they say the HTC will beat the Nexus One because of firstly, after sales support as HTC has better experience in this field than Google. Next there’s HTC Sense UI, and although Google does have some experience in UI design, HTC is likely to beat them in that particular field.

Then there’s battery life on standby, with the Nexus One claiming 290 hours standby time while the HTC Desire claims 360 hours, that’s 12 days while the Nexus One offers only 9 days. Next up is availability, the Nexus One will hit the UK and Europe in early spring this year and thus far you can’t pre-order, but with the HTC Desire you can already pre-order the handset from eXpansys for availability on the 12th of April.

Next comes down to memory with the HTC Desire offering an extra 12.5% more onboard memory than the Nexus One, and you also get an 8GB card in the box as opposed to the Nexus One’s 4GB. Then there’s the no trackball as an optical tracking device is better than a ball.

Lastly it all comes down to price; the Nexus One costs around £499 while the HTC Desire should cost about £50 less at £449 and as the HTC Desire should be available on more carriers contract prices should be even lower.


7 thoughts on “Can HTC Desire Outgun Google Nexus One?”

  1. khan says:

    “the Nexus One costs around £499” it really costs £380 if you order direct frim google,
    also as nexus is unlocked network oners are offerd sim only for £15pm 12 month contract and youll get 600mins, unlimited text and 500mb p/m internet usage.
    and that will workout cheaper

  2. Mark says:

    But the big plus for the Nexus One is that Google has control over the OS update process. So, you can be sure Nexus One will move on from 2.1 much sooner than HTC Desire.

    My HTC Hero is still stuck on the 6-month old 1.5. Google wouldn’t do that to me 🙂

  3. pr says:

    Desire has proper buttons where as the nexus one is all touch screen. which seem to be unresponsive at times. The nexus one does have noise cancelling on phone calls though which is nice.

  4. Jay says:


    While it isn’t £499, it is about £440 when you include import tax from HMRC, making it pretty much the same price as the desire.

    That much extra ROM makes a difference. The G1 GPU ram hack for +10MB to ROM gives quite a bit more speed (that, and compcache).


    Once the Desire is rooted (which, it will be) you can move to the 2.1 tree before Google even issue an OTA, so you if you want speedy updates, you can have them. The phone isn’t an issue when it comes to upgrading. I even had Eclair on my G1, when no OTA is ever going to go out for it.

  5. Wesley says:

    The thing that I like about the Desire is that it has hardware buttons & trackpad instead of capacitive buttons and trackball. Sense UI is good, maybe offering better text input options, but the Desire does not have the speech to text option that Android 2.1 does provide in the Nexus One (HTC keeping it from us, such a shame) and it does not have a noise cancelling microphone like the Nexus One.

    Bye the way Khan – Nexus One costs £430 delivered to UK including import duties and I think you have wishful thinking about a 1 year sim only contract giving you 600 mins and mobile internet for £15.

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